What technology is behind XIC?

What technology is behind XIC?

Once we have the most important part that from our point of view consists of

Most important issue is that technology gives us value and is not a problem in the execution of our strategies, that is why the darwin XIC uses reliable, highly contrasted technological tools that have demonstrated, beyond any doubt, their solvency , its solidity and its stability:

Data Center and connectivity

XIC systems run on a private server located in Germany from where it operates efficiently against Darwinex servers located in the United Kingdom, the supplier that provides the service to us has more than 100,000 clients worldwide and has been awarded with numbers of awards. in its 17 years of experience in the market. It has the best solutions so that our operations are not affected by power cuts or connectivity problems, guaranteeing full availability and operation 24x365.

Technological platform

Seeking robustness and contracted solvency, our server uses Windows Server 2012 as the operating system, an operating system launched in September 2012, with 9 years of implementation, offers us sufficient solvency to have security in its stability and performance.

Trading platform

We use MetaTrader 4. MT4 is a reliable and stable operating trading platform since 2005. It is the most widely used platform by retail traders. It offers in a simple and reliable way the start-up of automatic systems. Developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp, the world's leading trading software designers.

Programming platform

All robot programming is done in MetaQuotes Language 4, MQL4 is an integrated programming language designed for the development of robots, from the user point of view, it allows us to easily program and obtain a fast and reliable execution. Operating since 2005, it is a benchmark in the market.


Need for processing required both in the performance of the back-tests and in the generation of the systems, is optimally covered thanks to the use of professional computers. With Intel Core I-9 processors, fully proven since they have been operating in the market since mid - late 2017, they are considered to be of very high quality in the field of multi-core microprocessors. Based on Skylane's micro-architecture, they are designed for professional use where, as is the case, a lot of computing power is needed.