Who is the XIC manager?

Who is the manager of XIC?

In first place we would like to emphasize the term Manager with a capital M, over the term trader, since the darwin XIC, we are not so interested in the result of the underlying strategy but the result (mainly, profitability and drawdown) of the darwin, hence we think that Manager defines who is @millas much better than trader.

Offering a correct risk-benefit ratio has conditioned from choice of the market, timeframe to use, type of trading, risk policy, systems designed and their number. Implemented robots and underlying strategy have been developed with the aim of making the darwin XIC as robust and efficient as possible.

Secondly, we believe that who, loses importance compared to what, we believe that what is fundamental is public and audited result by Darwinex of the darwin XIC.

Some personal data:

A personal note: "My most precious asset is time, and amount I have invested in this project is disproportionate, I hope that, regardless of your decisions, you like what you see"

Finally, tell you that in an environment where the return on savings by financial institutions is zero, where investment funds offer returns that do not even maintain the value of money since most do not even exceed inflation, I firmly believe that investing in assets with alpha, such as the darwin XIC adds value to your portafolio. However, any return above fixed income is necessarily linked to risk. In this sense, losses are inevitable and part of this business, important thing is control, management, diversification, money-management and recovery capacity, and of course all these aspects have been analyzed and are constantly managed to ensure for the best performance of XIC.

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